Mental Stress claims in Illinois are one of the toughest types of cases to win.

Basically the case law provides that you cannot win your case if it involves job related mental stress or pressure which results in depression, anxiety or other mental illness symptoms.

For instance, a school teacher who is subject to great pressure because of unruly students and is harassed by administrators will most likely not win a case for resulting mental exhaustion or break down.

However, if there is a sudden shocking event such as witnessing a co-worker’s death or gruesome injury, then your resulting mental trauma may be considered Workers’ Compensation.

Another example is if you are assaulted at work or suffer a physical injury at work that also causes depression or panic attacks, then this may also be considered compensable.

The key to these type of cases is to get medical treatment as soon as possible after the injury or attack. This is includes mental health treatment and treatment for the physical injury.

The damages are going to be based on the severity of the symptoms and the treatment you receive.

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