It is a fair question to ask whether you need to get a lawyer involved in your Workers’ Compensation injury claim.

There is no law in Illinois that requires you to have a Work Comp attorney.

But you may find that an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer is helpful.

The reason is that some Workers’ Compensation insurance companies will not make you an offer unless you get an attorney.

Some insurance companies will give you a low offer just to see if you will take it and because they know you do not have a lawyer.

The insurance companies also know that you have no leverage if you do not like their offer.

Some will take the position that if you do not like the offer: too bad.

They know that if do not take the money, then your claim will expire at the end of the statute of limitations and you will get nothing.

The advantage of having a Work Comp lawyer is that they can tell you if the offer is fair.

A Work Comp lawyer can also threaten to go to trial.

This often brings the insurance company back to the negotiating table.

I will be glad to let you know if your offer is fair, and work to increase the value of the insurance company offer.

Remember your initial written offer is protected from any attorney fees by law.

In other words, fees apply only to the amount the offer is increased above the written offer.

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