One of the most frustrating parts of Workers’ Compensation is when the insurance company cuts off your Work Comp check.

The off work payments are called temporary total disability payments or TTD.

There are some legitimate reasons for ending TTD payments.

These include your doctor releasing you to return to work, or if find another job, or the insurance company doctor may say you can return to work.

But what if there is no legitimate reason given for stopping your TTD payments.

The Workers’ Compensation insurance company is not supposed to stop paying you without reason, however it does happen.

The problem is that getting your payments restarted takes some time and will cause you some discomfort and pain.

The reason that it takes time is that you will need your doctor to testify that you are off work due to your work injury and cannot return yet, and that the insurance company doctor is wrong.

It usually takes several months for the doctor to be available to testify.

So the insurance company can do what they want to since they hold the purse strings.

However, they will have to pay in the end if they are wrong in cutting off TTD payments.

These payments may include penalties for wrongful action in stopping your TTD.

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