Construction workers face some unique working conditions that lead to Workers’ Compensation injuries.

One example would be highway and street workers.

Exposure to traffic is, of course, very dangerous and results in a number of fatalities each year.

Another problem is trenching work. OSHA is very involved in making certain that cave-in protections are in place.

Exposure to dangerous equipment is another area of concern. Many amputations result from cutting tools.

Heavy lifting often results in back injuries.

Walking across uneven ground exposes you to twisting your ankles and knees.

In Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law these activities and resulting injuries are protected and you are entitled to compensation.

Medical bills resulting from construction injuries are covered and reimbursable.

You are entitled to time off work pay when you are injured on a construction job.

You are entitled to a settlement for your construction injury also.

Do not let any insurance company tell you that you are not covered through Workers’ Compensation.

They want you to believe that you cannot file for a claim.

This saves them money and they avoid paying your medical bills.

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