Most Illinois Work Comp cases can be settled after you are done with your medical treatment.

However, there are some cases where you have ongoing problems and may need future medical treatment.

Examples are surgical hardware that may need to be removed.

Or some expensive medication that is required for your ongoing treatment.

You can try to settle with the insurance company and ask for future medical treatment to be covered.

But many insurance companies will not agree to this.

The problem is that when you settle the case is over and you will have to pay for any future medical on your own.

Some options are to wait to settle until you have all your surgeries.

Or you can ask for money in the settlement to cover the future medical.

If you have a trial of your case and you win, then you are automatically entitled to payment of future medical bills that are related to the original injury.

Enforcing the future medical is not as easy as it sounds.

The Work Comp insurance company has the right to argue that your future treatment needs are not related to the original injury or that you no longer need the medications you are taking.

This process can take some time to get the evidence required to win your case again.

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