Nursing jobs are some of the toughest, most physical jobs around.

Whether you are a Certified Nurse Assistant, Registered Nurse, or LPN there are lots of injuries that can result from your job duties.

The lifting, moving, and assisting certainly lead to back strains, herniated discs or other spinal injuries.

Many nurses also injure their shoulders and arms because of the stress and strain of working with patients and certain medical equipment.

I have also seen examples of repetitive duties that have led to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Exposure to infections and diseases are also a dangerous part of the job.

Over time you may have developed injuries that you recovered from or developed into a nagging injury.

In Illinois, this should not prevent you from claiming that you have aggravated a pre-existing injury.

Another defense that insurance companies like to use is that some of your outside of work activity caused your condition.

This might be something like exercise classes, or working around the house or yard.

The best thing to do if you are injured at work is to notify your supervisor as soon as possible, fill out an accident report, and make sure you go to the doctor right away, and tell the doctor how you were hurt on the job.

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