It gets maddening when the Work Comp insurance company does not pay your medical bills and will not pay you when you are off work due to injury.

What can you do?

You can file a motion for an emergency hearing.

It does not take much time to file the motion, however, it will take some time to get to the hearing.

The reason is that the Workers’ Compensation arbitrator (judge) is only in town once a month.

The other delay is that you need your doctor to testify in your case.

It often takes several months to set up the doctor for his testimony.

The bottom line is that the insurance company must have a reason for not paying your bills or your off work pay.

They may be subject to penalties and attorney fees if they deny payment without good reason.

Some of the reason for delay is that the adjuster is not really paying attention to the case or they are lazy.

Filing a motion for the emergency hearing usually gets their attention because it costs them money to send the case to their attorney.

Some insurance adjusters do not care because it results in less work for them.

The ultimate decision maker in whether the work comp insurance company must pay penalties is the Arbitrator.

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