It is not getting any easier for injured workers in Illinois. Especially for repetitive trauma victims.

Repetitive trauma means repeated activities that injure the body to the point that it breaks down.

Carpal tunnel usually fits in this category because it is typically caused or aggravated by acts that happen over a long period of time.

The problem with these kind of Workers’ Compensation cases is that many Illinois arbitrators are becoming more conservative, and there seems to be a bias against carpal tunnel cases. Maybe because of the controversy related to a large number of state employees filing these kind of cases.

It is difficult to pinpoint the start of carpal tunnel problems. Unlike falling and breaking your leg at work, there is no bright line accident with carpal tunnel.

The best case scenario for a carpal tunnel case is going to the doctor and telling the doctor about your numbness and tingling in the hands and how it is getting worse with typing at work, or using vibratory tools, or cutting metal.

If you do not tell your doctor about how your problems seem to be related to work, then you may lose your work comp case.

The other problem is that insurance companies can always find a doctor who will testify that your weight, diabetes, or smoking is the cause of your problems. Anything but your work is the cause of the carpal tunnel.

The most important thing that may tip the case in your favor is letting your doctor and your work know right away that your work activities are causing your hands to hurt and become numb.

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