August 2013

People, the Government and Businesses use the knowledge they possess to their advantage.

Just look around you.

Those who have knowledge of systems, procedures and markets have great control over others and make a lot of money from this knowledge.

It is not any different in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation system.

Insurance companies want to you to believe that your injuries do not entitle you to payment from them. Or that the payment is very small.

You must be very careful with the information the insurance companies present to you.

Do not take the Workers’ Compensation insurance company statements at face value.

If they tell you we do not have to pay your medical bills, do not accept this and go away.

If they tell you we do not have to pay you while you are off work with your injury, do not accept this and go away.

If they tell you we do not have to pay you for your injury, do not accept this and go away.

If they tell you we only have to pay you a small amount of money for your injury, do not accept this and go away.

Make sure you talk to people with knowledge of the Illinois Work Comp system and who have the same interests that you do.

Feel free to call Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371 to discuss what the insurance company has told you.

Advertisements CompNewsNetwork – New Illinois State Law Increases Complexity in Achieving Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance.

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Good idea to speed up receipt of a Workers’ Compensation settlement. However, the problem is that Federal law may stop the State law from going into effect. We will have to see what how the Federal government responds.

2 Fairmount jockeys hurt, racehorse euthanized in sad day at track | Metro-east news | News Democrat.

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An unusual example of a Workers’ Compensation injury. CompNewsNetwork – Cleveland Business Owner Sentenced For Failing To Maintain Workers' Comp Coverage.

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This is also the law in Illinois. You must have Workers’ Compensation insurance or face criminal charges.

2013 – 08/22/2013 – OSHA cites Hagel Metal Fabrication for willful violations after worker fatally crushed by unguarded machine at Illinois plant.

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Makes you angry to think that someone’s life could have been saved with following a few simple procedures.

What does it mean when the insurance company sets you up to see one of their doctors for your work injury?

In Illinois it is usually not good news.

This is called an independent medical exam.

However, the doctor is picked by and paid for by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company.

This doctor will not become your treating doctor.

The purpose of the exam is to give the doctor information to write a report.

The report will provide his opinion of your diagnosis, whether your condition is related to your work injury, the treatment you may need, and any restrictions you may have.

The insurance company usually sets up these exams when they think you should be done with medical treatment or when they think you should go back to work.

Many of the doctors they use have a harsh view of injured workers and a very conservative slant toward the extent of a work place injury.

The exams can be harmful for the injured worker when the doctor says no more treatment is needed, or you should be able to work without restrictions.

This often results in Workers’ Compensation stopping your checks or your medical treatment.

There really is no way to avoid the independent medical exam. Pursuant to Illinois law if you do not attend the exam all benefits may be cut off and it is very difficult to get them started again.

It is important to remember that the doctor is not your treating doctor and any information gained in the exam may be used against you in court.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Lawsuit filed over death of boy, 10, hit by speedboat –

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The argument seems to be failure to warn. It will come down to whether a marina operator has the duty to warn of a hazard they knew of or should have known of.

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