Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies will sometimes take advantage of the injured worker.

They have an advantage because they know the law and the rules and many injured workers do not.

For example, they may tell you that they have paid your medical bills and time off work and that is all you get.

Or they may tell you that your injury does not qualify for work comp.

Or that the law has changed and your injury is not serious enough for a settlement.

Or that the law has changed and you only are entitled to $500 or $1000.

These statements are usually not true.

Under Illinois law if you are injured at work you are entitled to payment of your medical bills, payment for your time off work, and payment for your injury.

Most injuries that are connected to the job will result in the payment of workers’ compensation benefits.

Almost all work comp injuries are serious enough to qualify for a settlement.

It is true that the value of Workers’ Compensation injuries have gone down, but not drastically.

If your Work Comp insurance company tells you anything like this, then you should contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer immediately.

You have nothing to lose by consulting a work comp attorney. You should have the same information as the work comp insurance company. It just may result in the payment of unpaid medical bills or provide you with extra money.

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