There was a recent Oklahoma Work Comp case that may open some eyes.

An employee whose regular job was a desk job, volunteered to help out by mowing the company property’s lawn.

He suffered a heart attack as a result of the heat and exertion, and has become permanently disabled.

The fight in court was about whether his volunteering to mow the lawn took him out the scope of his regular work.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ultimately ruled that he was not a true volunteer. His employer was still found responsible for his condition and future medical care even though his injuries did not result from his regular job duties and he had pre-existing health conditions that contributed to his heart attack.

I would expect that a case in Illinois with the same facts would have the Courts ruling in a similar manner.

As long as you are performing work duties that your employer assigns you, or that are within the scope of your normal duties, or that your employer asks you to do and that you perform to benefit your employer then you will receive work comp benefits.

You, of course, need to be careful that you are following safety rules and procedures. But even then there is latitude in the Workers’ Compensation rules and law that will allow you to recover.

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