Restrictions can add value to your Workers’ Compensation case.

The restrictions must be caused by your Work Comp injury.

The restrictions must also be imposed by your doctor.

It is not enough for you to testify that your injury causes you to miss work or that you are limited in your lifting ability.

The doctor must actually put the restriction in your medical records.

The same goes for missing work. It is not enough to say that you were sick because of your injury. You will need an off work slip from your doctor.

Your restrictions may or may not affect your abilities at work.

For instance, you may have a restriction of needing to limit your lifting to 30 pounds.

This limitation would certainly restrict you at home, but if you work a sit down job it will not limit you at work.

This restriction will increase the value of your case, however it will not result in any kind of wage differential case.

If your job involved lifting boxes weighing from 20 to 50 pounds, then the 30 pound restriction will keep you from doing your old job.

This would result in the need for a job change and possibly a wage difference case if the new job pays you less than your old job.

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