In Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases the object is to get your money and get your medical bills paid.

The only way to get your settlement is to ask for it.

Some insurance companies will ignore you and hope you go away.

The only way to get more money for your settlement is ask for it.

Keep asking.

The worst that can happen is the insurance company says no.

The truth about the way insurance companies do business is that want to avoid you and hope you go away.

This saves them a lot of money.

Many insurance companies will not pay the medical bills and hope the providers stop asking for payment.

Many insurance companies will want to pay you the lowest amount possible to settle your case.

You need some leverage to increase the offer from the insurance company.

This may include records from your doctor showing the need for more treatment or restrictions.

It may include comparisons of similar cases that show that the value of your case is worth more than you are being offered.

Eventually, you may need to show that you are willing to go to trial to fight for increased money.

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