Many orthopedic doctors will tell you that shoulder injuries are some of the most difficult conditions to fix.

The anatomy of the shoulder makes it difficult to repair and makes it so that future problems are likely.

This means that you should not rush into settling your work injury case involving your shoulder.

The reason is that once you settle your case then you are responsible for all future medical treatment.

You want to make sure that your surgery is successful and that no further treatment is necessary, and that you can do your job without problems.

This may take some time to make sure that all is well with your shoulder. Usually it takes from 3 to 6 months to heal from a shoulder surgery.
And you will want to work for several months to test your arm at work.

If you do heavy lifting on your job, or lots of overhead reaching, then you want to be especially careful in settling your case.

If you are concerned about future medical, then you will want to have a trial to preserve your rights to open medical.

This means that if you have problems with your shoulder in the future you have the possibility of forcing the insurance company to pay for your treatment.

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