It does not take much to mess up your Workers’ Compensation case.

For instance, if you do not take the time to report your accident right away this can make a big difference later on.

If you do not give an accurate history of your accident to the nurse or doctor this can result in the insurance company denying your claim.

If you do not treat right away for your injury this may result in you being denied payment of your bills and your settlement.

If you do not report for light work or your independent medical exam then you will put your Workers’ Compensation payments in jeopardy.

The problem with not reporting your injury immediately is that you run the risk the employer will deny the accident happened. You are then relying on the memories of potential witnesses who may disappear.

The problem with not giving a description of falling over a box at work to the doctor is that something may show in the records that will cause people to question whether you were hurt outside of work. Such as “patient fell at home”. Or the Arbitrator may question why your medical records do not mention your work injury and deny your claim.

The problem with not treating right away for your injury is that it makes it look you were not seriously hurt at work.

The problem with not reporting for work or the independent medical exam is that Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law gives the insurance company the right to stop benefits in these situations.

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