Illinois law sets forth specific numbers of weeks for amputations of fingers, hands, arms and legs.

However, the value of your case may not stop there.

Limitations and restrictions that result from your amputation may also be factored into the final value of your settlement or award.

Loss of fingers may result in problems using your hand. Many jobs require frequent use of your hands. This may result in a job loss or a job change.

Of course, a loss of a limb may be very limiting.

Without an arm there are very few jobs you can perform.

The loss a leg will confine you to a sit down job at best.

These type of injuries will most likely result in wage loss situations or permanent total disability.

You may have to be involved in extensive job searches to establish your wage loss or that you can no longer work but it will dramatically improve your settlement value.

The other thing to remember is that it may be worth filing for Social Security Disability if you can no longer work due to your amputation.

Social Security Disability also depends on your age, your education, and your past work history.

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