There are some Illinois Workers' Compensation tips that are basic, straight forward, and will really help your case.

One of the most important things you can do is fill out an accident report as soon as possible after the injury. Give this to the supervisor and make a copy for yourself.

After this you should see your doctor right away. Take a copy of your accident report with you, and tell your doctor how you were injured and what body parts were injured.

These simple steps will insure that there is no question about that you were injured at work, how were injured, and what body parts were injured.

The doctor will also have a clear idea about how your conditions are related to your work injury.

This will make it clear to the Workers' Compensation insurance company that you have a strong case and your medical bills should be paid, your time off work should be paid, and that you are entitled to a settlement.

Of course if you do not complete an accident report you can still win your case with witnesses or a strong statement of accident given at the hospital, but why make things difficult on your self?

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