It may seem like a strange question. But does your attitude make a difference in your work injury claim?

If you fail to report your injury shortly after your work accident, and you do not explain how you were injured at work to your doctor, and you delay seeking medical treatment, then it will not make any difference whether your are angry, bitter or the most pleasant person to be around.

However, if you report your injury to your supervisor and complete an accident report, and explain how you were injured to the doctor, and comply with all the treatment the doctor prescribes for you and let the doctor know your ongoing problems, then your attitude may make a big difference.

Let me explain.

A likeable person may get the benefit of the doubt from the supervisor.

Just as a doctor may find someone who is easy to get along with more believable.

On the other hand, we have all had experiences with angry, bitter people with whom we do not want to go out of our way to help.

The same holds true if you have to testify in court. Combative witnesses do not usually earn the judge’s respect.

I am not suggesting that you become someone you are not, or that you let people run over you. However, it is worth thinking about the way you present yourself before the people involved in the Workers’ Compensation system and how they may effect your case.

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