Workers’ Compensation law in Illinois is complicated, but it does have some advantages for the injured worker.

For instance, you do not have to pay any money up front to a lawyer to represent you in your work injury case.

There are no hourly fees, or retainer fees.

You only pay a fee if your lawyer recovers money for you.

The fee is 20 percent of what you recover from the insurance company.

This means there is really no reason to go it alone against a big insurance company. An experienced Work Comp attorney will help you recover your medical bills, time off work pay, and your settlement.

Many Workers’ Compensation insurance companies are using their superior knowledge and size to either ignore, or starve out, or low ball injured workers.

The only way to combat this is to have an expert on your side.

The good thing about this is that it does not cost you anything upfront to hire the expert.

Your lawyer has to produce a good offer for you in order to get paid.

The incentive is for your attorney to get the best offer they can for you because that is how they get paid, and how you get paid.

Make sure you have a good partner to help you fight against the large Workers’ Compensation insurance companies. Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.