The new year is a good time to regroup and reflect on some positive ways to change our lives.

If you are injured at work, then it is good time to explore the best way to improve your case.

Some good resolutions to follow regarding your work injury:

1. File your application of claim. Your filing protects your rights, and puts the insurance company on notice that they must pay your
medical bills, time off work pay, and your settlement.

2. Get an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer. It does not cost any money up front. Your lawyer only gets paid if you win.
Why mess around with a complicated system. The insurance company tries to intimidate injured workers and take advantage of its
superior knowledge. Do not go it alone.

3. Make sure you go to your doctor early and often. Documentation from your doctors regarding your symptoms and limitations
will make your case stronger.

4. Tell your doctor what is happening. Your doctor cannot read your mind. Explain how your accident happened at work and how it effects your daily

5. Understand the process. You cannot settle your case until you are done with your treatment. Once your treatment is over, then you must
settle your case or go to trial. Settlement is quicker but it ends your rights to medical treatment.

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