Back injuries on the job are common and dangerous.

The problem is that they become chronic and sometimes need surgery.

Any time surgery is involved there can be numerous complications. Ranging from scar tissue, to hardware that needs to be removed, and chronic pain.

Most work injuries that involve the back are straight forward.

Such as, lifting that caused a herniated disc, or a fall that injured the back, or something that struck your spine.

However, there are some back injuries that do not surface until some days or months later because of repetitive lifting or other activities.

Or you may notice some muscle pain that later develops into more serious pain that is difficult to trace to your work.

The most important thing to do is to go the doctor as soon as you notice problems with the back.

You should also explain to the doctor the connection between your work activities and your back pain.

You should also be cautious in settling your back injury claim too soon.

Back problems tend to come back later on, especially if you have had surgery.

If you settle your case, then you are on your own for any future treatment or surgeries.

You may need open medical to protect yourself down the road with a back injury.

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