February 2014

If you cannot get the settlement offer you want, then you have the option of having a hearing to decide your case.

The more you know and understand about the process the less fear you will have.

It is nothing like you see on television.

The trials are considered administrative proceedings.

The Arbitrator is a judge who is hired by the State of Illinois as a full time employee.

There is no jury.

The Judge listens to the evidence and decides your case.

The insurance company has a lawyer who will represent them. The lawyer will question you and put on evidence.

You will testify about your accident, your medical treatment, and how you have recovered.

There are no opening statements or closing arguments.

The Arbitrator will issue a written decision.

There are no time lines for when the Arbitrator has to issue the decision. However, it is written and provided to the parties usually within 30 to 120 days.

Either side may appeal the decision to a 3 Judge panel of Commissioners.

This will take from 6 months to over 1 year.

After this either party may appeal to Circuit Court and finally the Illinois Appellate Court.

The majority of cases that go to trial stop at the Commission level.

I hope this takes some of the mystery and fear out of what happens at a Workers’ Compensation hearing in Illinois.

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EAST ST. LOUIS: No deal: Judge rejects 18-month sentence for ex-judge Cook | Top Stories | News Democrat.

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The Federal Judge is doing the right thing. He is making sure the public can be confident that justice is being done.

Much like the Workers’ Compensation scandal with a Arbitrator who was removed from office. People must believe that they are being treated fairly.

Former Crystal Lake Cop Charged With Workers’ Comp Fraud « CBS Chicago.

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Many times insurance companies will use surveillance video but sounds a little unusual for a fraud case. There is a big difference between a case not being compensable and a criminal case.

WorkersCompensation.com CompNewsNetwork – Nurse Case Managers are Well Worth the Cost.

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Like most things nurse case managers are a mixed bag. Some nurses are really good and help both the insurance company and the injured worker to move the case along. Other nurses do not care about getting the proper treatment for the injured worker.

What has been your experience with a nurse case manager?

Freeburg School District 70 to pay more than $5.6M to settle sex abuse cases cases | Education | News Democrat.

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It is difficult to imagine the pain that these predators cause.

I am sure the money does little to help with the nightmares and ongoing memories.

Should you change lawyers in the middle of your Workers’ Compensation case?

Unless absolutely necessary I would not recommend switching attorneys.

The problem is that it slows down your case while the new lawyer gets your records and gets familiar with your case.

Some lawyers advertise a lot and claim they are very aggressive.

Usually not true.

They are typically not seen around the courthouse and do not show up for hearings to move your case forward.

I see a limited upside to starting over with a new lawyer.

The best way to handle a problem situation is to sit down with your lawyer and explain exactly what are your goals.

Such as you want to settle your case as soon as possible, or you want to get future medical treatment.

It is probably best to have a lawyer who is close to you. This makes communications easier and makes it more likely your lawyer will be able to go to the court hearings.

For instance, it just does not make sense for a Chicago lawyer to handle down state cases because they will not show up to all the hearings necessary.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Semi hits Cahokia house, hurting occupant, cutting power to 1,500 | Top Stories | News Democrat.

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In cases like these the driver can still recover Workers’ Compensation benefits even if he is at fault.

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