The Illinois winter has been brutal this year and it reminds me of the many type of injuries that may arise from work.

Shoveling snow and clearing streets and sidewalks may lead to back injuries, falls and fractures.

Over exertion may cause or contribute to a heart attack.

Poorly cleared parking lots may result in falls and broken bones.

This along with tracked in snow that melts and results in a hazard.

Exposure may lead to frost bite.

Motor vehicle accidents on icy roads while traveling on company business is another injury source.

The most important thing to remember is to report your injury right away to your supervisor and put it in writing.

This removes all doubt that your injury happened at work.

If you are hurt go to the doctor, clinic or hospital immediately.

The longer you delay, then the more questions that may be raised by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company.

You should also tell the hospital and doctor how you were injured and what parts of your body were injured.

This will clarify what happened when questions come up months down the road.

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