Should you change lawyers in the middle of your Workers’ Compensation case?

Unless absolutely necessary I would not recommend switching attorneys.

The problem is that it slows down your case while the new lawyer gets your records and gets familiar with your case.

Some lawyers advertise a lot and claim they are very aggressive.

Usually not true.

They are typically not seen around the courthouse and do not show up for hearings to move your case forward.

I see a limited upside to starting over with a new lawyer.

The best way to handle a problem situation is to sit down with your lawyer and explain exactly what are your goals.

Such as you want to settle your case as soon as possible, or you want to get future medical treatment.

It is probably best to have a lawyer who is close to you. This makes communications easier and makes it more likely your lawyer will be able to go to the court hearings.

For instance, it just does not make sense for a Chicago lawyer to handle down state cases because they will not show up to all the hearings necessary.

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