Workers’ Compensation cases in Illinois can be frustrating.

It seems like everything should proceed on a nice time table and you get your medical treatment, off work pay, and money for injury right away.

Not always so easy.

When there is a dispute things can grind to a halt.

If the insurance company sends you to their doctor and the doctor gives the opinion that you are able to return to work or do not need any more treatment, then it can become a shoot out between your doctor and the insurance company doctor.

The Work Comp insurance company can require the deposition of your doctor (this is testimony from your doctor) that may take months to schedule.

The deposition of the insurance company doctor can also take months to schedule.

Sometimes the arbitrators are not so interested in hearing the case because they prefer the parties work out the dispute between themselves.

It often takes time for the parties to settle because you cannot close the case out until you have completed medical treatment or reached maximum medical improvement.

Sometimes the medical bills take some time to sort out because the providers are slow or there are multiple insurance companies involved.

All trials are subject to appeal rights that may extend for several years.

The reason that Workers’ Compensation cases can take longer is because the law is complicated and there are many pitfalls that must be addressed before the case is ready for trial.

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