It makes sense to plan ahead for unexpected events.

That is why people have insurance or map out a trip.

It also a good idea to know what to do if you are hurt at work.

Tell your supervisor right away if you are injured at work.

You should do this even if you are not certain that the injury is that bad.

I have seen too many people who did not think they had a serious injury and failed to tell anyone. Later their condition worsened and the insurance company denied the claim because they did not report it.

Another thing you should do is file an accident report as soon as possible.

This will protect you from faulty memories.

The accident report describes how the injury happened, when it happened, and what body parts were injured.

Make sure you get a copy of the accident report for your records.

You should go to the doctor right away and tell her what happened to you at work.

I have also seen too many people who put off going to the doctor. This will cause nothing but trouble for you. The Work Comp insurance company will argue that you waited so long to go to the doctor because you were not really hurt at work. Your injury came from some off work activity or home repair project.

Our initial reaction is to wait it out and hope the pain goes away, however if it does not go away then you will have all kinds of problems proving your case.

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