You can make sure that your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case goes as smoothly as it can.

One of the most important factors in your case is what you say.

This means what you tell your supervisor, your doctors, and the Arbitrator at trial.

Telling your supervisor immediately that you are injured and completing an accident report will make things run smoothly later on.

Telling your doctor how you got hurt and what parts of your body are injured is very important.

I have seen medical records that quote the injured worker as saying “no known cause of injury”, or “does not know how this happened”, or “made worse while working in garden at home”. These type of statements will damage your case.

When testifying before the Arbitrator remember that she is the one who will decide your case.

Do not argue with Arbitrator, the other attorney, or anyone else.

Be polite and think carefully before you answer any questions.

If the Arbitrator thinks you are exaggerating, or hiding something, or you are disagreeable then you are toast.

There is a human element to every case. Make sure that you do not alienate the Arbitrator.

If you say the right things, in the right way, at the right time, then your case will be much stronger.

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