In Illinois if you are injured on the job and you have to receive medical treatment for your injury, then you are entitled to a settlement in most cases.

Some insurance companies are either telling people that they are not entitled to a settlement, or the insurance company fails to make a settlement offer to the injured worker.

The insurance company is hoping that the injured worker will walk away and not file a work comp claim in a timely manner.

Some settlements may be small but there is at least there is some payment of money.

In Illinois the Workers’ Compensation settlement is based on the average weekly wage 52 weeks before the injury date times 60 percent. The number of weeks for the injury is negotiated between the parties.

If you are not receiving an offer, or you receive what you think is a low offer, then you should contact an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer to discuss your next step.

It does not cost anything upfront to hire a Work Comp lawyer. All fees are paid when you receive your money and they are limited to 20 percent.

It makes sense to have someone advising you and explaining the rules and law when you are injured because the insurance company has many lawyers and experts guiding each decision they make.

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