What if the Work Comp insurance company doctor denies your medical treatment.

It often happens that the insurance company will send you to see its doctor and the doctor will give an opinion that you are not entitled to any more treatment.

If your doctor says that you need a surgery what can you do?

If you have your own medical insurance you can seek treatment and pay for it with your own insurance. This is the quickest route to getting the care you need and your insurance company will be repaid at the end of the case.

If you do not have your own insurance you will have to set your case for trial so the Arbitrator can decide which doctor he believes and then he will either rule for or against further treatment for you.

Before you can have the trial the doctors must testify.

This is done by way of deposition. This means that the lawyers will ask questions of the doctors in their office and the answers will be transcribed on paper so that the Arbitrator may read them at the time of trial.

Scheduling the deposition of the doctors will often take some months. This delays the case but it is necessary for proving your case.

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