Some people do not want to get a lawyer when they are injured.

They think it sends the wrong signal. Such as they are out for money. Or they believe they can get this out of the way without a bunch of red tape and lots of people being involved.

Many people who have had an excellent work history and have never had a work injury in the past are reluctant to file a claim and seek legal help.

The problem is that the Workers’ Compensation insurance company has many lawyers watching out for their interests and they certainly are not working for you.

It is not wrong to have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer help you protect your rights to medical treatment, off work pay, and a fair settlement.

A lawyer will give you peace of mind and help smooth the process for you.

Illinois Work Comp lawyers only get paid when you get paid.

They are entitled to 20 percent of your recovery according to the law. There are no hourly fees or upfront charges.

Do not let the insurance company take advantage of your reluctance to seek legal help or your concern about what others will think of you.

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