Why does the Workers’ Compensation insurance company refuse to pay you a large settlement on your work injury claim?

In Illinois, the value of your settlement is based on your wage for the 52 weeks before you were injured.

This means that your settlement will be smaller if you only worked part-time or if you earned minimum wage.

People who are high wage earners will have higher settlement offers in most instances.

Sometimes the insurance company is refusing to pay a large settlement because it believes your case is weak. Maybe there is a defense they believe they have. Such as an injury that happened at home after your work injury that has made your condition worse.

If you have had limited medical treatment, then the Work Comp insurance company will reduce the value of your case.

If you have no restrictions as a result of your injury, then the insurance company may decide to reduce the value of your settlement.

In some cases the Workers’ Compensation carrier is trying to take advantage of you.

In the event you have received an offer that you think is unfair, then you should ask an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer what they think. This will not cost you any money.

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