Back Pain

Even before injury, chronic back pain may start in the brain – Los Angeles Times.

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Fascinating study. May explain why some people develop chronic pain and other recover from a similar injury.


Back surgery: When is it a good idea? – Mayo Clinic.

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Here are some back surgeons in Bloomington, IL:
Dr. Atwater, McLean County Orthopedics
Dr. Nardone, Central Illinois Neurohealth Sciences
Dr. Seibly, Central Illinois Neurohealth Sciences
Dr. Stroink, Central Illinois Neurohealth Sciences

Top 5 workplace injury causes make up 72% of direct workers comp costs: Analysis | Business Insurance.

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Do you fit into any of these categories?'s CompNewsNetwork – Pill Mills are a Cost Driver in Workers Compensation Claims.

Click above to read. This is a new one to me. Anyone else run across clinics who feed people’s addictions? The doctors are putting their license on the line.

Workplace Injury to My Back.

Click above to read. Make sure you get a copy of your injury report, or tell the doctor that you hurt yourself at work.

Give me a call for more ways to increase your chance of winning.

Lower Back Injury At Work.

click above to read. These stories are not as rare as you think in the world of Workers’ Compensation.

Injured boomers beware: Know when to see doctor – Health –

Click above to read. The best rule in Illinois Work Comp cases is to go to the doctor immediately and tell her what caused your work injury. Let the doctor sort it out.

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