Medical issues

Shoulder pain leads to a search for realignment – Los Angeles Times.

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Shoulder treatment short of surgery. This article explores some possible solutions for conservative treatment.


High Worker Drug Use in Two States Suggests Burgeoning Costs.

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Illinois comes in 16th out of the 25 states in the study.
This means it one of the states with lower prescription use of narcotics to address pain.

Workers compensation experts fear higher costs as health care reform kicks in | Business Insurance.

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Experts predicting increase demand for medical services from a combination of people who just received insurance coverage, state medical cards, and injured workers. This may increase costs and result in longer waits for treatment. People with work injuries may be off work longer and have lingering conditions.

State: Loss of mental health beds could extend wait for services.

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Sounds like a vicious cycle. But putting people with mental health issues in jail just does not solve the problem.

People with mental health conditions can file for Social Security Disability and get the treatment they need.

Expect Big Impact on Workers Comp from Obesity Classification – Articles – Drivers – Articles –

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Creative argument but I am not sure that it will be easy to win.
More likely is that obesity will make your injury more severe.

New back surgery treats patients with herniated discs – WFSB 3 Connecticut.

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Sounds pretty amazing. Anyone out there had this procedure?

Did it help?

Dr. Michael Lacroix: Strategies for Addressing Chronic Pain With Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

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Chronic pain is a big problem in Work Comp injuries.
It will probably take a combination of pain management and behavioral therapy to address this condition.

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