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2014 – 06/05/2014 – US Department of Labors OSHA fines Dollar Tree $217,000 for willfully putting Missoula workers at risk.

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Fines for dangerous and unsafe storage methods.
Anyone experience this in Illinois?

Mother loses appeal of lawsuit in son's death.

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Shows how difficult it is to win a lawsuit against a public entity such as a school.

Former judge Cook sentenced to 2 years; Witness says ‘nobody had a clue’ about drug use | Madison Record.

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Sad story, but you cannot argue that the Federal Judge is correct in his sentence of 2 years for a State Judge gone bad.

EAST ST. LOUIS: No deal: Judge rejects 18-month sentence for ex-judge Cook | Top Stories | News Democrat.

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The Federal Judge is doing the right thing. He is making sure the public can be confident that justice is being done.

Much like the Workers’ Compensation scandal with a Arbitrator who was removed from office. People must believe that they are being treated fairly.

Freeburg School District 70 to pay more than $5.6M to settle sex abuse cases cases | Education | News Democrat.

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It is difficult to imagine the pain that these predators cause.

I am sure the money does little to help with the nightmares and ongoing memories.

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