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Some people do not want to get a lawyer when they are injured.

They think it sends the wrong signal. Such as they are out for money. Or they believe they can get this out of the way without a bunch of red tape and lots of people being involved.

Many people who have had an excellent work history and have never had a work injury in the past are reluctant to file a claim and seek legal help.

The problem is that the Workers’ Compensation insurance company has many lawyers watching out for their interests and they certainly are not working for you.

It is not wrong to have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer help you protect your rights to medical treatment, off work pay, and a fair settlement.

A lawyer will give you peace of mind and help smooth the process for you.

Illinois Work Comp lawyers only get paid when you get paid.

They are entitled to 20 percent of your recovery according to the law. There are no hourly fees or upfront charges.

Do not let the insurance company take advantage of your reluctance to seek legal help or your concern about what others will think of you.

Questions about your work injury claim? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Dirk May with Williams and Swee at 309-827-4371.


What if the Work Comp insurance company doctor denies your medical treatment.

It often happens that the insurance company will send you to see its doctor and the doctor will give an opinion that you are not entitled to any more treatment.

If your doctor says that you need a surgery what can you do?

If you have your own medical insurance you can seek treatment and pay for it with your own insurance. This is the quickest route to getting the care you need and your insurance company will be repaid at the end of the case.

If you do not have your own insurance you will have to set your case for trial so the Arbitrator can decide which doctor he believes and then he will either rule for or against further treatment for you.

Before you can have the trial the doctors must testify.

This is done by way of deposition. This means that the lawyers will ask questions of the doctors in their office and the answers will be transcribed on paper so that the Arbitrator may read them at the time of trial.

Scheduling the deposition of the doctors will often take some months. This delays the case but it is necessary for proving your case.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May with Williams and Swee at 309-827-4371.

You can make sure that your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case goes as smoothly as it can.

One of the most important factors in your case is what you say.

This means what you tell your supervisor, your doctors, and the Arbitrator at trial.

Telling your supervisor immediately that you are injured and completing an accident report will make things run smoothly later on.

Telling your doctor how you got hurt and what parts of your body are injured is very important.

I have seen medical records that quote the injured worker as saying “no known cause of injury”, or “does not know how this happened”, or “made worse while working in garden at home”. These type of statements will damage your case.

When testifying before the Arbitrator remember that she is the one who will decide your case.

Do not argue with Arbitrator, the other attorney, or anyone else.

Be polite and think carefully before you answer any questions.

If the Arbitrator thinks you are exaggerating, or hiding something, or you are disagreeable then you are toast.

There is a human element to every case. Make sure that you do not alienate the Arbitrator.

If you say the right things, in the right way, at the right time, then your case will be much stronger.

Questions about how to make sure case is as strong as possible? Feel free to call Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May with Williams and Swee at 309-827-4371.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation law is complicated.

The basics are straight forward but getting to a fair settlement is not always easy.

The bottom line is that an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney does not cost you any upfront money.

A lawyer can only charge you 20 percent of what you recover in your case.

This means the lawyer has an interest in maximizing your settlement because the lawyer makes money when you make money.

The insurance company has plenty of lawyers advising it of ways to defend, delay and minimize your recovery.

It only makes sense to have someone to look out for your rights.

It also helps to have a lawyer who you can ask questions.

This gives you the peace of mind that you are getting all you entitled to according to the law.

It does not hurt to call a lawyer and ask questions about your case and let them know what the insurance company has told you.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will talk to you for free and explain your rights and answer your questions on the initial call.

Representing yourself in an Illinois work injury case can turn out to be a costly mistake.

Questions about your work comp case? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

It makes sense to plan ahead for unexpected events.

That is why people have insurance or map out a trip.

It also a good idea to know what to do if you are hurt at work.

Tell your supervisor right away if you are injured at work.

You should do this even if you are not certain that the injury is that bad.

I have seen too many people who did not think they had a serious injury and failed to tell anyone. Later their condition worsened and the insurance company denied the claim because they did not report it.

Another thing you should do is file an accident report as soon as possible.

This will protect you from faulty memories.

The accident report describes how the injury happened, when it happened, and what body parts were injured.

Make sure you get a copy of the accident report for your records.

You should go to the doctor right away and tell her what happened to you at work.

I have also seen too many people who put off going to the doctor. This will cause nothing but trouble for you. The Work Comp insurance company will argue that you waited so long to go to the doctor because you were not really hurt at work. Your injury came from some off work activity or home repair project.

Our initial reaction is to wait it out and hope the pain goes away, however if it does not go away then you will have all kinds of problems proving your case.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Top Ten Standards.

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Top ten most frequently cited violations.

Be careful out there.

If you cannot get the settlement offer you want, then you have the option of having a hearing to decide your case.

The more you know and understand about the process the less fear you will have.

It is nothing like you see on television.

The trials are considered administrative proceedings.

The Arbitrator is a judge who is hired by the State of Illinois as a full time employee.

There is no jury.

The Judge listens to the evidence and decides your case.

The insurance company has a lawyer who will represent them. The lawyer will question you and put on evidence.

You will testify about your accident, your medical treatment, and how you have recovered.

There are no opening statements or closing arguments.

The Arbitrator will issue a written decision.

There are no time lines for when the Arbitrator has to issue the decision. However, it is written and provided to the parties usually within 30 to 120 days.

Either side may appeal the decision to a 3 Judge panel of Commissioners.

This will take from 6 months to over 1 year.

After this either party may appeal to Circuit Court and finally the Illinois Appellate Court.

The majority of cases that go to trial stop at the Commission level.

I hope this takes some of the mystery and fear out of what happens at a Workers’ Compensation hearing in Illinois.

More questions about Work Comp? Feel free to call Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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