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Interesting perspective. The problem is that the employer has all the information and most of the time does not share information with the injured worker that may be important to his case such as you are entitled to medical treatment from a specialist and you are entitled to a fair settlement.

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In addition, there are some people who will not file a Workers’ Compensation claim if they believe they will be fired as a result. Job growth has not been robust so there are fewer people working.

10 Challenges Ahead for Workers' Compensation.

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This article highlights some important issues for injured workers, employers and insurance companies. Wages, opioid addiction, technology, Affordable Care Act, marijuana legalization and more.

The insurance company wants you to believe that you have to take what they offer and go home.

In Illinois injured workers have the option to settle their case without a trial, but you do not have to take what it is offered.

If you do not like the offer you are entitled to ask for a trial.

A workers’ compensation trial means that you must testify before an arbitrator who acts in the role of a trial court judge.

The arbitrator will listen to your testimony, the testimony of other witnesses, and review the medical records.

The arbitrator decides whether you win or lose and how much you are entitled to.

It is not always wise to go to trial.

If you get a fair offer or an offer that is more than fair and you do not have lingering medical problems, then you may want settle the case.

Why? Because it is usually faster to settle. And there are no guarantees when you go to trial. The arbitrator usually does not know the value of the settlement offers between the parties. You can end up with less money than the offer depending on how the arbitrator rules.

At times you do not have a choice.

If the insurance company does not offer you any money or only a small amount of money you have no choice, you must go to trial.

You must also go to trial if you want future medical treatment.

Rarely will the insurance company give you money for future medical treatment.

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These voluntary benefits decrease client workers’ comp claims: Report.

Sounds like the accident and disability insurance covers medical payments and a percentage of off work pay. Workers’ Compensation in Illinois covers medical bills, off work pay at 66%, and payment for the injury itself. Under the accident and disability plain injured worker does not get a settlement. The law still protects the injured worker and you can get paid a settlement, however you must ask for it and get a lawyer if you are denied. CompNewsNetwork – Nurse Case Managers are Well Worth the Cost.

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Like most things nurse case managers are a mixed bag. Some nurses are really good and help both the insurance company and the injured worker to move the case along. Other nurses do not care about getting the proper treatment for the injured worker.

What has been your experience with a nurse case manager?

Nonspecific Low Back Pain and Return to Work – American Family Physician.

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Some of the problem is not having a specialist examine your back right away, and the insurance company delays treatment.

If you do not get approval for treatment quickly, then you see a Work Comp lawyer.

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