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Have you come across any doctors who have tested you for carpal tunnel syndrome using this machine?


Do Not Be So Quick To Diagnose Carpal Tunnel.

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Carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel is a very controversial area of the law.

Doctors disagree a lot on its cause or what aggravates it.

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is one of the more difficult injuries to prove in Illinois Workers Compensation law.

The insurance companies can find doctors who will testify that many work activities do not aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome. These doctors will say that only running a jack hammer or working a highly repetitive line job will aggravate carpal tunnel.

It it important that you tell your doctor what kind of work activities cause problems for you. What seems to increase the numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers. This information will show up in your medical records and help your case.

You should also get a copy of your job description if at all possible.

Finally, it helps to let your plant medical or personnel office know as soon as you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel.

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In Illinois workmans compensation cases you can be paid for what are called “repetitive trauma” accidents.

The repetitive trauma workers compensation cases can involve hands, arms or your back. The conditions include, among others, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, rotator cuff tears, and degenerative disc disease.

In a repetitive trauma case you cannot identify a specific incident that led to the injury. The time of accident is usually the time of diagnosis, or the last date of work, or the point when a reasonable person would be aware of the problem.

In Illinois your work activities do not have to involve using a jack hammer, working continously on an assembly line, or heavy use of vibratory tools. It is enough to work a job that requires you to use your body in activities that place stress on your back, hands and arms. Such as computer work, lifting and turning patients, driving over rough roads or consistent bending and lifting.

As soon as you are aware of the repetitive trauma diagnosis or are experiencing pain, numbness or tingling you should file an application of claim.