Why does the Workers’ Compensation insurance company refuse to pay you a large settlement on your work injury claim?

In Illinois, the value of your settlement is based on your wage for the 52 weeks before you were injured.

This means that your settlement will be smaller if you only worked part-time or if you earned minimum wage.

People who are high wage earners will have higher settlement offers in most instances.

Sometimes the insurance company is refusing to pay a large settlement because it believes your case is weak. Maybe there is a defense they believe they have. Such as an injury that happened at home after your work injury that has made your condition worse.

If you have had limited medical treatment, then the Work Comp insurance company will reduce the value of your case.

If you have no restrictions as a result of your injury, then the insurance company may decide to reduce the value of your settlement.

In some cases the Workers’ Compensation carrier is trying to take advantage of you.

In the event you have received an offer that you think is unfair, then you should ask an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer what they think. This will not cost you any money.

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In Illinois if you are injured on the job and you have to receive medical treatment for your injury, then you are entitled to a settlement in most cases.

Some insurance companies are either telling people that they are not entitled to a settlement, or the insurance company fails to make a settlement offer to the injured worker.

The insurance company is hoping that the injured worker will walk away and not file a work comp claim in a timely manner.

Some settlements may be small but there is at least there is some payment of money.

In Illinois the Workers’ Compensation settlement is based on the average weekly wage 52 weeks before the injury date times 60 percent. The number of weeks for the injury is negotiated between the parties.

If you are not receiving an offer, or you receive what you think is a low offer, then you should contact an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer to discuss your next step.

It does not cost anything upfront to hire a Work Comp lawyer. All fees are paid when you receive your money and they are limited to 20 percent.

It makes sense to have someone advising you and explaining the rules and law when you are injured because the insurance company has many lawyers and experts guiding each decision they make.

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One of the most important things to know in your Workers’ Compensation case is whether or not you should settle.

Sometimes there is no question about what you should do.

For instance, if the Work Comp insurance company refuses to give you an offer then you have to go to trial. No question about it.

However, if you receive a decent offer then you must decide whether to accept it or go to trial.

You must honestly assess your case.

What defenses does your employer have?

Did you report your accident right away?

Did you complete an accident report in a timely manner?

Is there a gap in treatment between your accident date and your medical treatment?

Did you accurately describe your accident to your doctor, and its relationship to your work?

Did you treat consistently and according to doctor’s orders?

Did you have past problems before your accident date, or did you have accidents outside of work after your work accident?

If you have flaws in these areas they can really damage your case.

If the Workers’ Compensation insurance company gives a reasonable offer and you have problems with your case then it makes sense to settle your case.

When you have a trial the Arbitrator rules and awards you the amount she thinks is proper. Any settlement offers you may have had go away once you go to trial.

It is better to walk away with money in hand, then to go into a trial and risk everything.

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How do you know whether your Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlement offer from the insurance company is fair?

The only way to know is to check with an experience Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney.

The insurance company is certainly not going to tell you that they have low balled you.

They will not tell you that your medical bills are not all paid.

They will not look out for your interests regarding future medical needs.

It will not cost you anything to have an Illinois Work Comp lawyer review the offer.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorneys work on a contingent fee basis.

They can only charge you a fee on any amounts they recover for you above the written offer you were presented with from the insurance company.

The attorney will review your injury, the treatment you received, your restrictions, and your average weekly wage the year before your injury.

Having an attorney review your offer will give you peace of mind that you are doing the right thing in settling your case, and that you are not leaving any money on the table.

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What should you do if you get a Workers’ Compensation Settlement offer, or if the insurance company does not make you an offer?

The most important thing to know is that pursuant to Illinois Law you are entitled to a settlement if you are injured on the job.

The settlement may vary from a small amount to a very large sum, but you are entitled to something.

Once you receive an offer you should check with an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney.

A lawyer can explain the value of your case and whether the insurance company is making a fair offer.

Some Work Comp insurance companies will tell that your case is not worth anything, or they will fail to make any offer and hope you go away.

If this happens you need to hire a lawyer and go after your settlement.

The advantage to hiring a Work Comp lawyer is that it does not cost you anything until you make a recovery.

The fee is 20 percent of your recovery.

You need to protect yourself because insurance companies are taking advantage of people who do not understand the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law.

Make sure that you check with an experienced Illinois Work Lawyer to protect your rights and get the settlement you deserve.

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