Decorated officer wounded in shootout 'awake, aware' –

Click above to read. Great to hear the officer’s outlook is good.


Every so often a person will tell me that someone they know received a lot more for their Workers’ Compensation case then they are being offered. What is going on?

In Illinois, Workers’ Compensation is based on your average weekly wage. This means that you can receive a lot more money for the same injury as another person who earns much less money. The other factor is the severity of the injury. If you have a bad surgical result, or have multiple surgeries then you may receive more compensation.

Another factor in workmans comp is if you end up with permanent restrictions, then you will most likely be awarded more money.

Finally, some people just like to tell a good story. Maybe they did not receive as much money in their workmans compensation case as they claim.

The Chairman of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission is running for Circuit Court Judge in Madison County Illinois. The Chairman runs the Commission and sometimes decides cases at the appeal level. If elected Judge he would not leave the Commission until the end of 2008. The effect would be limited in terms of the way cases are decided. The Chairman to a limited extent drives the agenda for legislation and how fast cases move. The bottom lines is that I do not think a change in the Chairman will speed up or slow down how fast cases will move or whether decisions become more liberal or conservative.