Illinois: Workers’ Comp’s “Traveling Employee” Rule May Not Be Expanded to Tort Arena | the workcomp writer.

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The take away from this case: Negligence cases are treated differently than Workers’ Compensation cases. Work Comp is a system to protect injured workers and tort case are about proving fault on the part of the party who injures someone else.


North Carolina: Intentional Tort Action Against Wal-Mart Related to Death of Wal-Mart “Greeter” Barred by Exclusivity | the workcomp writer.

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This is similar to Illinois law. If injured at work you must file a Workers’ Compensation claim against your employer. Very narrow exceptions that also allow you to file suit against the employer in tort. You may also be able to find a third party defendant who was negligent to file suit against.

Construction worker sues Prairie State Generating Co. over loss of toe | Metro-east news | News Democrat.

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Lawsuit against company other than his employer is allowed if he can prove negligence. He also has a workers’ compensation action against his employer.