CompNewsNetwork – Attorney Perspective on Lump Sum Settlements, You Know Outcome Before Papers Are Filed.

Seems like attitude has more to do with every situation we are involved in, including Workers’ Compensation cases.

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Click above to read. I have had some experience with injured workers returning to work at a not-for-profit. Does not seem to be much oversight in these situations. Anyone out there experienced some of these options? CompNewsNetwork – Understanding the Alternative Realities of a Total Disability State of Mind.

Click above to read. No one can understand what another person is really experiencing. Let me know your thoughts on this article. What do you think about the Workers’ Compensation system and getting back to work. CompNewsNetwork – Ten Costly Return-to-Work Mistakes.

Many work places ignore that an injured worker can become productive once again. CompNewsNetwork – Breaking the Cycle of Entitlement: How Do We Get Better?.

The above article contains some interesting insights. It would seem to be commonsense to get the injured worker back in the game, and make them feel part of the team. Throwing the person out for having a work injury turns it into a no win battle.