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Some interesting stories. Not that unusual. Gives you a flavor of what happens in the real world of Work Comp.


Gov. Jerry Brown signs athlete workers comp bill –

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Illinois Workers’ Compensation law recognizes cumulative trauma. It also allows athletes from other states to file a claim in Illinois if they are injured in this state.
Illinois has some of the highest benefits in the nation. CompNewsNetwork – TRAINER INJURED AT HEALTH CLUB SHED HER EMPLOYEE STATUS AND WAS NOT COVERED AT THE TIME OF HER FALL.

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This case makes the point that not all injuries on work premises are compensable or result in payment to the injured worker.

Row simmers over death benefits for Arizona 'Hotshot' firefighters –

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How could the legislature and the city not understand what benefits were available to seasonal workers?

Sounds like they are going to get it right. But what about some lower profile people who died. Would the same help surface?

Watch out for insurance companies that say you are not covered because your injury could have happened to any member of the public and you were not doing anything work related that increased your risk.

An example of this is you twist your knee and injure it while getting out of your car in the parking lot at work.

The facts of the case are very important in Workers’ Compensation cases.

If you injure your knee because of a defect in the parking lot, then you should be entitled to Workers’ Compensation.

If you injure your knee while your hands are full of medical supplies for work and you are bringing them in from your car, then you are entitled to compensation.

If you injure your knee while hurrying to a meeting, then you should recover.

If you are traveling for your job and twist your knee while getting out of car in a client’s parking lot, then you should win your case.

If you injure your knee while getting out of the car and cannot explain why it happened, then you may have a problem winning your case.

Do not let an insurance company make up the law.

You should find out how the Workers’ Compensation Law applies to the facts of your case.

Questions about your Work injury? Feel free to call Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371. CompNewsNetwork – Light Duty Return to Work Program Implementation Tips.

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The theory behind a return to work program is that getting an injured worker back in the game as soon as possible will often result in a faster release. It also reduces the amount of Workers’ Compensation payments.

The type of work you return to with restrictions will often not be your regular job.

Questions about what your employer can do while you are off work, or on restrictions? Give me a call.

Worker's Compensation: Stories you should read.

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Check out these cases. Each case has its own twist and turns.
Do not let an initial denial keep you from trying to get compensation.

Feel free to call me to discuss your case.