CompNewsNetwork – This is a TEST, Can You Spot the Workers Comp Fraud Red Flags.

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Fascinating look into the mind of a Workers’ Compensation insurance adjuster. Want to see what you are up against as an injured worker. Check this out.


It is very frustrating when the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company is slow in paying your time off work, or temporary total disability.

The Adjuster is either lazy, or neglects to make sure your check comes out on time.

The only real option is to keep calling and emailing until they get sick of you.

You can file a petition for penalties.

However the insurance company knows that by the time the petition for penalties is set for hearing the check will be sent to you.

Usually, slow paying you is just an annoying method of keeping money in the insurance company’s pockets and out of yours.

If there was a true dispute, the adjuster would let you know and you could react accordingly with setting depositions and getting ready for trial.

The best way to deal with the slow paying adjuster is to stay on top it with frequent phone calls and emails.

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