Many Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies will deny medical treatment for an injured worker, and the only way to challenge this is to go to trial and ask the Arbitrator to order the insurance company to pay for the treatment. This process takes some time to go through and you will have to wait for your surgery or procedure.

Now there is another way to get your treatment, and it is faster than a trial. Some companies exist that will pay for the procedures  and wait for reimbursement from your trial award or settlement. This does not cost you any extra money. The companies have made arrangements with our law firm to start reviewing Workers Compensation cases in Peoria, Bloomington, Decatur and Champaign.

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In Illinois, every employer must have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. You can check the Workers’ Compensation Commission website to determine if your employer carries the insurance. If you are injured and your employer does not have the proper insurance, you should report it to the Commission immediately. Employers who do not have Workers Compensation insurance can be fined and in some cases face criminal charges. If the employer is solvent, it may be able to pay the claim.

In addition, you can file a claim against your employer and the State Treasurer. The State of Illinois has a new fund which may be used in certain circumstances to pay injured workers whose Employer’s do not carry workers comp insurance. The fund usually will pay only a percentage of the award, but the alternative is usually not recovering anything if the employer is insolvent or has disappeared.

Many times an insurance company will send an injured worker to an Independent Medical Exam. The insurance company pays a doctor to examine the injured worker and provides a written opinion regarding the diagnosis, treatment needed and whether the work injury caused the condition. If the doctor rules against the worker, then the workers compensation insurance company will use this to deny Workers’ Compensation.

Often the injured worker will have to travel out of town to visit the doctor. The insurance company must pay mileage to the doctor and back. In Illinois, the injured worker must attend the exam or the arbitrator has the authority to dismiss the case or deny compensation.

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