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Interesting question that may come up in Illinois if the law is passed to legalize medical marijuana. This bill was discussed last year in the Illinois General Assembly.


If the Workers’ Compensation insurance company will not authorize your medical treatment and you have group health insurance you may be able to submit your claim through group and get treatment. This is the fastest way to get treatment.

If you do not have group health insurance, then you will have to proceed to trial to have the Arbitrator order the insurance company to pay for your treatment. This approach will take some time because you must have your doctor testify that you need treatment and that it is related to your work injury. In addition, the insurance company will most likely want to send you to their doctor and have you examined so that the doctor can testify against you if the doctor believes the injury is not related to your work accident.

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What you tell your doctor immediately after your work injury is vitally important.

In Illinois, the Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator places a great deal of weight on what the medical records contain regarding the cause of your injury. This is often called a history of accident. If you do not tell the doctor what happened to you at work when you were hurt, the Arbitrator may decide against you. Of course, timely accident reports and witnesses may overcome this but the history is still important.

The theory is that the immediacy of your statements will be closer to the truth then statements that occur much later in time.

Remember, what you tell your doctors is very crucial to your Workers’ Compensation case.

Many times an insurance company will send an injured worker to an Independent Medical Exam. The insurance company pays a doctor to examine the injured worker and provides a written opinion regarding the diagnosis, treatment needed and whether the work injury caused the condition. If the doctor rules against the worker, then the workers compensation insurance company will use this to deny Workers’ Compensation.

Often the injured worker will have to travel out of town to visit the doctor. The insurance company must pay mileage to the doctor and back. In Illinois, the injured worker must attend the exam or the arbitrator has the authority to dismiss the case or deny compensation.

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